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Ponca City Public Schools Grieves Loss of Board Member


The Ponca City Public School district is grieving the recent loss of PCPS Board of Education member Dr. David Kinkaid, who passed away on Wednesday, December 30, 2020. Dr. Kinkaid is an owner and operator of Kinkaid’s Veterinary Clinic and has been a board member in the district since 2006 representing Ward #4. He has served as Board President several times and has served on the Board Property Committee for many years. Dr. Kinkaid was a very compassionate board member who loved all district students, employees, parents, and patrons. He was a Po-Hi graduate and he truly loved all Wildcats.

PCPS Superintendent Shelley Arrott said, “We are deeply saddened over the loss of one of our own, Dr. David Kinkaid. David has been a Board of Education Member since 2006, and he was a Wildcat to the core. He loved our school district, our students, parents, and every employee. As most people know, he was a compassionate, selfless person and would do anything for anyone. As a veterinarian, he obviously loved animals and made himself available day and night for any animal in need. Dr. Kinkaid also had this uncanny ability to make everyone feel like they were the most important person in the world, and everyone WAS important to him!”

Arrott continued, “David was a PO-HI graduate, graduating 13th in his class. He was very involved with many activities during his PCPS school years. He participated in several athletic activities and was a five-sport letterman. He once told me one of his most endearing experiences as a Wildcat was being a member of the Youth Traffic Court. He had quite the stories to tell about his own experiences serving as a judge and a member of this group, and he told them with sheer delight!  He also indicated he never read a book from cover to cover including textbooks. When asked about it he said he paid attention in class, took good notes, and religiously did his homework first thing when he got home.”

Without doubt, David was a huge advocate for students in the classroom, but he was very passionate about ALL our student activities whether it be athletics, fine arts, or any club or organization. As a BOE Member he was instrumental in ensuring our students had the best facilities, coaches, directors, sponsors, resources, and opportunities for a well-rounded school experience.”

“Dr. Kinkaid was loved by so many in our community. He was a great mentor and made a lasting impact on many – especially our youth. Ponca City has lost a beloved citizen, and we have lost a dear member of Team PCPS.”

Dr. Kinkaid was also instrumental in forming and facilitating the little league football program in Ponca City for many years – training young Wildcats. He has dedicated countless volunteer hours for the good of Ponca City. His efforts have impacted many lives and he will be greatly missed.

 Please pray for peace and comfort for his family first and foremost, as well as his friends, community members, and our school family as we grieve the loss of this amazing person. David Kinkaid was the epitome of a Ponca City Wildcat. He will be our FOREVER Wildcat.