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Ponca City public schools Urging Motorists to Exercise Caution in School Zones and School Events


The Ponca City Public School District is urging motorists to please exercise caution when approaching school zones during the school day or during school events.

Mary Ladd, Public Information Coordinator for the district explained, “At last Friday night’s football game, we had a very close call with one of our patrons almost getting hit by a vehicle. The patron reported that she left the ballgame at halftime and was returning to her car in the Lutheran Parking Lot when she almost got hit by a truck/SUV that did not slow down or yield to the flashing light at 5th and Liberty Avenue.”

Ladd continued, “We want to remind everyone that on game nights and during the school day, there are flashing lights at 5th and Liberty Avenue at the pedestrian crosswalk. Safety precautions should be taken. Attendees parking in the Lutheran parking lot should also use extra precaution when crossing. This location has been a safety hazard for many years, and we have had several close calls.”

Mike Lane, Traffic Engineering Manager for the City of Ponca City, explained, “We would like to remind patrons that the flashing light does not stop traffic. If someone pushes the button, it just means they have requested to cross the street, so patrons should not assume that traffic will stop.”

There is more parking available along the north side of Brookfield between 5th and 7th while capital improvements are under construction. Let’s all work together to keep everyone safe!