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Ponca City Refinery partners with City of Ponca City to create new tree farm


The Ponca City Refinery has partnered with the City of Ponca City to create a new tree farm. Two-hundred saplings were recently planted and include oak, maple, elm, and Chinese pistache to begin the new tree farm for the city.


This project began in 2020 when Park & Rec Director Eric Newell and Phillips 66 Community Relations Coordinator Erin Liberton brainstormed ideas that would be good for Ponca City. Phillips 66 provided a grant to help fund the project and bring the idea to a reality.


City employees and Phillips 66 volunteers helped fill the bags with dirt and plant the trees. The trees were then moved to the tree farm where they will remain for a few years until they are ready to be relocated into the city’s parks. The tree farm includes an electronic irrigation system to ensure the saplings are watered appropriately.


Photo belongs to Ponca City Refinery.