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Ponca City Regional Airport Secures Aviation Education Grant For 2021


The OAC (Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission) approved an education grant for Ponca City Regional Airport’s “Northern Oklahoma Flight Academy” scheduled for June 14-18 of 2021 at the Ponca City Regional Airport. The program is an aerospace education program at the Ponca City Regional Airport to expose students to the many career opportunities available in aerospace and aviation.

The summer camp, designed for middle and high school students, provides students the opportunity to participate in hands-on aerospace and aviation STEM activities. This will mark the seventeenth year that the airport has offered this opportunity to students. It is estimated that 32 students will participate in the camp.

The Ponca City Regional Airport grant award is $8,500.00. Thirty-eight organizations were awarded Aerospace and Aviation Education Program grants or contracts totaling over $330,000.00 from the OAC (Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission). The record amount of funding will be used to encourage more of Oklahoma’s students to enter STEM careers, particularly those in aerospace and aviation. Contact: Don Nuzum, Airport Manager, 767-0429.