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Ponca City Schools In Session ‘Til May 24th


Ponca City Schools will be in session through May 24th which is the final day of the school year on the calendar.  That announcement  was made by Dr. David Pennington who stated the final calendar for next year will not be announced just yet.


While some school districts have announced a change to their final day of classes in a cost cutting measure, Pennington announced that Ponca City will not go that direction at least for 2015-2016. Dr. Pennington stated there are several reasons for this decision but mainly, it’s the affect on support workers, the custodians, food service workers and transportation employees.  “These employees have been told the hours they will work and they depend on those hours to pay bills and feed their families.  I think its fundamentally wrong to change those hours during the school year”, stated Pennington.


Pennington added that action taken in January to limit spending has helped but that if it meant cutting a program or a teacher, it may have been different.   The 2016-17 school calendar has not been set.  The start and stop date may be firm on next year’s calendar, but Ponca City may have fewer student contact days to save money.  Until the district is 100% certain of funding for next year, no announcement on a calendar will be made.  Graduation is scheduled for Friday May 20th, the final day of school is Tuesday May 24th.