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Ponca City Schools Honors Retiring Employees


Pictured L-R: Mabel Urioste, Deborah Meyer, Betty LaRue, Judy Sattre, Terry Muchmore, Cindy Watson

Eight retiring Ponca City Public School employees were honored at the May Board of Education meeting.  All retirees received a clock with their names engraved on it and a lifetime athletic pass to all Ponca City School sporting events. The district held a reception in their honor prior to the board meeting. Information about each employee is listed below.

Certified Retirees

Kathy Cain:  Kathy is completing 13 years as an Oklahoma educator. She began teaching math at PO-HI in August of 2007.  Prior to coming to PCPS, she taught 2 years in Kildare.

Josette Kelle:  Josette has completed 21 years as an educator in Oklahoma, and all of these years have been with PCPS.  She began with the district in August of 1976 at Jefferson Elementary, where she taught Language Arts through May of 1983.  She took a break from education, but she returned to PCPS in August of 2004 to teach 6th Grade English at WMS and has been there since that time.

Terry Muchmore:  Terry has been an Oklahoma educator for 25 years, and all those 25 years have been with PCPS.  She taught junior high Language Arts for oneyear in 1974, then took a break from education.  She returned August of 1994 and taught middle level English, Title I reading, and reading at West Middle School.

Deborah Meyer: Deb has been an Ok Educator of 25 years and, again, all of these years have been with PCPS.  She began with the district in August of 1993. She has taught middle school and high school special education, and she currently teaches in the multi-disabilities class at Po-Hi.

Cindy Watson: Cindy is completing 28 years as an educator, with 26 of these years being served in Ponca City.  Prior to coming here, she taught two years in Texas.  She has taught 3rd grade at Woodlands, 2nd and 3rd at Lincoln, was a Reading Interventionist at Liberty, and she currently teaches 3rd Grade at Trout.

Support Retirees

Betty LaRue:  Betty started with the district in November of 1995 at West Middle School, and has been there the entire time.  She has served as special education teacher assistant, regular teacher assistant, Title I teacher assistant and most recently, finance secretary.

Judy Sattre: Judy began her career with PCPS in August of 1989 serving as a teacher assistant at the Opportunity Center and West Middle School.  She currently serves as the testing secretary at Po-Hi.

Mabel Urioste: Mabel started with PCPS in September of 1997 as an ELL teacher assistant at Lincoln and is still in that position.