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Ponca City Senior High School Has Virtual Visit from Former U.S. Secretary of Education


The computer science class at Ponca City High School recently had a virtual discussion and presentation by important guest speakers on the importance of computer science for all high school students. The virtual guest speakers included former United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

The focus of the discussion was to help computer science students see the importance of learning this subject area. They informed students that computer science has climbed to the 4th most popular STEM major for college-bound students. In Oklahoma, only 37% of public high schools offer a computer science class; however, there are currently 2650 open jobs in computing in Oklahoma alone. Mr. Duncan also told the students there will only be 562 computer science college graduates this year out of Oklahoma colleges.

Po-Hi student Trinity Kellmer enjoyed the webinar and said, “Mr. Duncan really stressed how we need to inform the community and students about the importance of computer science classes. We also need to show other schools how important and useful this curriculum can be.”


Pictured in the Po-Hi Computer Science classroom:  Sydni Youngblood, Anthony Wood, Trinity Kellmer and Wyatt Dowler. The Computer Science classes are taught by Mr. Alan Monks.