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Ponca City woman charged with terroristic hoax after purposely coughing and sneezing on police officer


KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City is reporting that a Ponca City woman accused of purposely coughing and sneezing on an officer is now being charged with terroristic hoax.

Ponca City Police officers were first called to the home of Cecilia Flores due to her allegedly trying to drive drunk.

After the issue was resolved, Flores went to shake the hands of the officers as they were getting ready to leave.

The officer refused and tried to explain with the COVID-19 pandemic going on.

Flores interrupted the officer and saying “Well [EXPLETIVE]!” before she began violently coughing and sneezing at the officer before saying , “I got it! What’s up?”

The officer stood speechless for several seconds before taking Flores’ I.D. information and asking if she did actually have COVID-19.

Flores told police that she didn’t have the virus, nor did she believe she had it.

Police arrested Flores later that day.

At the time of this article, Kay County has had 46 positive COVID-19 cases reported since March.