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Ponca City’s 2020 Census response rate at 63%


You can still respond online to the 2020 Census even if you did not receive a letter or paper questionnaire. Go to and select the link that says, “If you do not have a Census ID, click here.” It is located below the Census ID login field.

At this time, Ponca City’s response rate is at 63% and Kay County’s response rate is at 60.7%


To prevent the spread of fake, false, and inaccurate information, that can negatively influence 2020 Census participation and response, the Census Bureau has established the government’s first ever Trust & Safety Team to protect the count.

What the Trust & Safety Team is doing:
• Working with social media platforms such as Facebook, Microsoft, Nextdoor, Google, and Pinterest to update their policies and terms of service to include census-specific activities.
• Coordinating with YouTube and Twitter to create processes enabling us to quickly identify and respond to misinformation and disinformation.
• Collaborating with other government agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission to protect everyone, and especially the elderly, from scammers pretending to represent the Census Bureau.
• Working with civil society organizations such as the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights and NALEO Educational Fund to ensure they have the resources necessary to combat misinformation and disinformation in targeted communities and promote participation in the 2020 Census.
• Working with the Better Business Bureau and AARP to protect consumers against possible scams and fraud during the count. These partnerships will help the Census Bureau counter false information that can lead to an undercount by quickly identifying phony information and respond with factual content.

For more information, visit: www.2020CENSUS.GOV