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Ponca City’s Lincoln Elementary Celebrates Veterans Day


Mrs. Webb’s first grade class celebrated Veteran’s Day this morning by:

  • First, they filled out a KWL chart (what they know, what they want to know, and what they Learned)
  • Next, they watched a video that taught them about Veteran’s Day
  • Lastly, the students made a video for Mrs. Webb’s father, who is a Veteran.  In the video they held the American Flag and each sent him a personal message thanking him for his service.
  • They also signed a poster for him.

The student holding the flag recording his message is first grader, Jaedon Arkeketa. Mrs. Webb is the teacher. (2 pictures)


Classrooms at Washington PreK Center honored our Veterans by making crafts to display in the school. Families were also encouraged to participate by sending in pictures of Veterans in their family. Students pictures are Antoine DeLodge and Ahilyn Navarro. Washington Pre-K center loves our Veterans and we thank them for their service. (2 pictures)