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Ponca City’s Residential Ice Storm Tree Debris Only Collection working section’s 21 and 16


The City of Ponca City’s Residential Ice Storm Tree Debris Only Collection is on-going. There is no fee for this service. Crews are using a Limb Removal Pick Up Order that has been created to remove debris as efficiently and safely as possible, while working thru each of the 21 sections identified for collection (see map below). The Parks Division and the Street Division are currently collecting debris in Section 16.

The Street Division and the Parks Division each have a crew comprised of dump trucks and a front-end loader. They are collecting debris based on the following guidelines:
• Tree limbs must be cut into sections no longer than 8 feet.
• Tree limbs must be placed at the curb (not in the street nor on sidewalks) and away from obstructions like poles, mail boxes, overhead wires, trees, and irrigation systems etc. Do not place tree debris in alleyways, so alleyways are not blocked for utility access. Crews WILL NOT pick up debris that is blocked by vehicles parked in the street.
• Crews will only make one pass through a neighborhood to collect debris, so it must be AT THE CURB when they arrive.