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Ponca Police Warn of Scam – Dangerous Help Wanted Ad


A job advertisement for an Administrative Assistant, printed in the Ponca City News on Sunday March 20, was fraudulent.  Police have been contacted by two ladies who responded reporting their suspicions.  The News pulled the ad after only running it one time as they suspected the same.

The ad specified that the position was flexible and encouraged students and others to apply.  The email address in the advertisement was:   [email protected]

“The trick is they gain your confidence and say that they travel overseas and can’t easily do their banking. They mail you a check and ask that you deposit it into your account. Further, they ask you to wire them most of amount the check was written for. To entice you, they allow you to keep a portion of the check for your trouble. Then, you receive notification from your bank that the check you deposited was fraudulent and you are out the money you have wired them”, comments Detective Sergeant Tom Burg.

In addition, Burg adds “These cases are international and are virtually impossible obtain an arrest”.