Holly Jolly Radio

Prevent Power Shortages

With this summer’s many Heat Advisories, you may be hearing the words “PEAK ALERT” on your favorite local radio stations. What this means, is that there are efforts in place to prevent power shortages. “PEAK ALERT” announcements normally occur when temperatures have been at 100 degrees or more for several days in a row.  If you hear this announcement, we suggest you try some of the following ideas to help do your part to prevent power shortages in your area;

  • Set your air conditioner or thermostat up five degrees and use fans to cool your house instead
  • Use large appliances such as laundry machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, etc in the early morning or late evening
  • Avoid using the oven during the heat of the day
  • Unplug unnecessary appliances when not in use
  • Turn off indoor and outdoor decorative lighting when not in use