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The RecPlex is scheduled to begin replacement of one of its heating boilers on Tuesday, February 23. The removal of the old boiler and installation of the new one is anticipated to take four days to complete. The replacement project requires a temporary shut off of the natural gas service which is scheduled for Wednesday, February 24. The length of the shut off could take up to a full day. During the time the building is without natural gas there will be no further production of hot water, which will greatly affect the temperature of water in the building’s showers and sinks. The ambient temperature inside the building and the temperature of the pool water may also be affected.

The installation of the new boiler will increase the efficiency of the facility’s heating system. In addition, the project includes the installation of a new electronic mixing valve for the building’s hot water supply which will significantly improve delivery of hot water to locker room showers. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this project and we look forward to the improvements that will be made to the facility by this new installation.