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Reward offered by OSBI following February 2020 double homicide in Red Rock


After a two-year investigation, the person found dead inside a burning home in Red Rock has now been identified, along with a second victim.

According to KWTV, OSBI stated that Bobby and Ruby “Fey” Ratliff were married and had lived in that home for more than 30-years. Investigators say the two were shot before someone set the home on fire.

“Heartbeat stops,” said Devin Ratliff, the couple’s son. “Never in your life would you figure that was going to happen.”

Ratcliff says he had just spoke to his father over the phone when that same night he got another call.

“Your parents’ house is on fire, we don’t know what else is going in,” said Ratliff. “We drove up there and the house is totally engulfed in flames and burnt to the ground.”

Found in the rubble were the remains of Bobby. Later, a second person, Ruby, was also identified. Investigators determined both victims had been shot to death.

“They were outstanding individuals,” said Ashley Ratliff, the couple’s daughter-in-law. “His dad could walk into a room and make friends with anybody. Fey was the best community member, went above and beyond for the school.”

Family members tell me they’ve been waiting for answers. It’s been two years and still no evidence of who committed this crime.

“We are asking for your help in this investigation,” said Matt McGuire, Noble County Sheriff. “We’re asking for your help as law enforcement, and the family, and the community.”

The OSBI also says they’re now offering a $10,000 reward for any other information to help them with this case.

“Whatever information you have, we know that someone does have information,” said Lynda Stephens, with the OSBI. “That’s all we need to wrap this up and move forward.”

If you have any details on this case, you’re asked to call OSBI at 800-522-8017 or [email protected].