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Roustabouts Alumni Reunion Scheduled For April


The upcoming Roustabouts alumni reunion is set for Saturday, April 6, at the new Event Center on the Kay County Fairgrounds in Blackwell. The doors will open at 5 p.m. with a catered meal at 6 p.m. Reservations are $20 per person. All Roustabouts Alumni and friends of the group who wish to attend should contact Alumni representative Kris DeYoe Vickery at 281-682-3189 or Cheryl Harvey Marquardt at 580-363-7523. Deadline for reservations is March 29.

This year, the alumni will honor Wilma Harman for 30 years of working with the group. Wilma, who resides in Blackwell, was a piano instructor for NOC and worked with two groups within Roustabouts. (the Nocturnes and Northern Knights). The reunion also marks 55 years of Roustabouts. The group’s founder, Bill Heilmann, who passed away in 2016, started the traveling NOC group back in 1964.