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Shelter in place order now in effect for Stillwater


A shelter in place order is now in effect for the city of Stillwater. Stillwater Mayor Will Joyce provided the following information on his Facebook page.

Police will not be stopping cars or asking for permits, but they do have the discretion to enforce this order through education and citation when people are not complying.

Q: What about all the people at the stores? A: Grocery stores, hardware/home improvement stores, and a few others are essential businesses, but not every trip to such stores is essential. Under this order, you should not be at any store unless it is for actual necessities for yourself or your household.

Q: Can I just go drive around? A: You’re not going to be stopped while just driving around, but you should limit such trips because they create the possibility of additional personal contact (gas stations, accidents, breakdowns).

Joyce said they are doing everything we can to prevent a spike in COVID-19 illnesses and the resulting stress they put on our healthcare system.