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Stillwater Council Approves Indoor Marijuana Growing Facility


The green wave rolling into Stillwater continues unabated. On Monday, the Stillwater City Council approved Specific Use Permits for Homestead Harvest, LLC, a medicinal marijuana dispensary at 114 W. 8th Ave., and Psyborg Farms, LLC, an indoor growing facility near Stillwater Regional Airport at 3820 N. Land Run Drive. The Stillwater Planning Commission recommended the city council deny the application.

The Council also advanced a revision of a no-trespassing ordinance to prohibit camping in city parks except for Lake McMurtry or in Couch Park for special events, as approved by the Parks Director or City Manager.

City Manager Norman McNickle said the ordinance was requested by the Stillwater Police Department after officers had to make repeated visits to camp sites along the Kaneoka Trail. McNickle said the ordinance would give the city a method to move unwanted “long-term guests” along.

In other business the Stillwater City Council approved:

  • Funding for the Stillwater Police Department to replace 36 e-ticket citation writers and printers for traffic, parking and city criminal violations. The current devices are nearing the end of their anticipated five-year lifespan. Tyler Technologies provided a quote of $86,320 for the equipment and $2,500 for configuring the android platform.
  • A contract with Turf Services, LLC for $68,496 for lawn care of city facilities, rights-of-way, parking lots and small parks. Services to be provided include mowing, weed-eating, edging and cleaning on a weekly basis in most cases.
  • The selection of stormwater management best practices consisting of adding public awareness signs to stormwater grates and providing training on stormwater management for the development community and contractorss.