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Teacher And Student Save Boy From Choking


A Lincoln Elementary teacher and a third-grade student were credited for saving the life of another student with their actions earlier in the week. Third-grade student Warren Rhodd was eating lunch with his classmates Tuesday when he began to choke on a food particle lodged into his throat. Fellow classmate and eight-year-old Shilyn Edwardson noticed his dire situation and called the attention of school staff for help.

According to Rhodd’s family, Title VII instructor Nancy Musgrove began to administer the Heimlich Maneuver on Rhodd, but was unsuccessful. Fortunately, one of the two CPR certified staff members at the school was quick to the rescue. Lincoln Elementary teacher Emberley Robertson rushed to the boy’s aide and successfully dislodged the food item that was obstructing his airway. Robertson said that she was concerned about hurting the 9-year-old when she administered the Heimlich Maneuver, but was informed by the family that he only had a few sore ribs and suffered a headache afterward, which she attributed to him losing oxygen for as long as he did.

The school honored Robertson and Edwardson during the school’s morning assembly on Thursday. Robertson exchanged several emotional hugs with Rhodd’s family during the school-wide assembly that was held before classes began that day. Warren’s mother, Lydia Rhodd, presented the “heroes of the day” with balloons and gifts. Lydia said she was thankful for all who were involved.