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Teacher Appreciation Week set for May 2-6


Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated the first full week of May in 2022. It is when teachers get the extra credit they deserve.

Whether you have a teacher, know a teacher or are a teacher, there are endless ways to give a little extra support to teachers. Teaching is known to be a time-consuming and challenging profession, so next week is a chance to say thank you to those that play or have played such a huge role in our lives.

Let teachers, both past and present, know you value them. Let them know how they helped shape your future. You can also show your gratitude for your teachers in other ways:

• Refill their supplies. Many teachers stock their classrooms with supplies they need to effectively teach. Check with your site school and find out what is needed.
• Write a letter showing your support. Your words may encourage a teacher to continue making a difference in a child’s life.
• Ask them what they need the most. Sometimes just being asked is the most important part.
• Volunteer in your schools. Every day, schools rely on parent support for many programs to succeed.