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Three Ponca City citizens receive phone calls from people identifying as police


The Ponca City Police Department has been contacted today from three different citizens about calls they are receiving identifying themselves as a Ponca City Police Officer.  The nature of the calls as varied from being in reference to the coronavirus to saying that the victim has warrants.  In two cases, they have said that the victim has warrants and tried to get them to send money to take care of the warrants.  It also appears they are using real officers names or names very close to our officers.  All of the reported calls today also appear to have all been local realtors.


An Investigator has been assigned to look into these calls.


Ponca City Police Officers will never ask for money from someone they are trying to detain reference a warrant.  Any bond or fees related to warrants or citations are handled through the court.  If you receive any calls from Officers and are not sure they are genuine or not, feel free to hang up and call the PCPD non-emergency line at (580) 767-0370.  Communications Officers and Staff will look into your circumstance and can vouch for any genuine contact.