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Time To Plan For The Local After-Prom


From A Release:

The traditional Ponca City High School After Prom party is the communities effort to keep our high school students safe.  This party provides a safe, supervised, as well as drug and alcohol free, environment for our young people to join together in a special night of fun and fellowship.

After Prom is hosted by the Junior Class as an official activity following prom.  This year’s event will be held at the YMCA on April 15th.  In addition to games, karaoke, dancing and food; a key part of this very popular party is prize drawings held throughout the event.  Additionally,  grand prizes awarded just before the party ends gives our juniors and seniors the chance to win computers, televisions, stereos and more!

This has proven to be a very successful and fun alternative to the risky behavior choices sometimes made following the prom celebration.

Previous business donations have included gift certificates, merchandise, and cash.  All donations to after prom go to the students.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have

Please contact the 2017 After Prom Prize Committee:  Sonja Long, Helen Smith or Amie Hindman.