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Timely Recycling Tips

The Solid Waste Division for the City of Ponca City is keeping busy with their recycling efforts. Superintendent Dave Horinek has some tips for recycling.

Don’t worry about those standard tissue boxes with the small soft-plastic insert. They’re OK to recycle with cardboard. The plastic will be filtered out.

While toothbrushes aren’t meant for recycling, you can still save on waste if you buy certain brands. Horinek says certain models of the Eco-Dent and Radius Source lines have replaceable heads. When the bristles wear out, just snap on a new head.

Even with all the sticky paste inside toothpaste tubes, Horinek says not to worry. The aluminum tubes can be recycled with your cans. Plastic tubes can’t be recycled, though.

Horinek can be reached at the City by calling 767-0411.