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Today’s Eclipse: Where to watch, where to find glasses


Today’s the day – It’s the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in close to a century and you’ve got several options if you’d like to celebrate the event with others.

The Ponca City Library is hosting a watch party from noon ‘til 3. The public is invited to bring lawn chairs and observe the eclipse from the library lawn. A limited number of “Eclipse Shades” will be given out beginning at noon on the south end of the library lawn.

And RCB Banks will present “The Great American Solar Eclipse Party” at 3 locations:  1223 E. Highland, 2901 N. 14th and downtown at 122 E. Grand.  Enjoy Popcorn, Refreshments, & Eclipse Glasses if you’re one of the first 150 to show up at each location. 

Experts warn that today’s event cause thousands of people to lose vision if they don’t take the proper precautions.  People who stare at the sun without protection would get a blind spot in their vision right away though they wouldn’t know until hours later or the next day that the blind spot was still there. 

And finally a word of caution for those who picked up eclipse glasses at Pioneer Technology Center.  Those glasses have been included in a product recall by The glasses were labeled as “safe”, but Amazon has been unable to confirm the authenticity of the safety of the certifications, and encourages anyone who has a pair of the glasses not to use them.

In other news today:  A 17 year old is dead following a car-train collision on Sunday afternoon.  Click here for the story.