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Tonkawa, Billings voters approve school issues


Voters in Tonkawa have passed two school bond propositions. Proposition One was for $465,000 for  the  maintenance of school buildings in Tonkawa.  It passed with 344 yes votes or 77%.  There were 101 no votes or 23%.  Voters also passed a $180,000 transportation bond by a 344 to 103 margin.  Both passed by the 60% super majority.   In Billings, voters passed a $230,000 school bond issue for building construction and upkeep with 53 yes votes or 75% to  17 no votes or 25%.  Voters in Kaw City passed both propositions on the ballet yesterday for the leasing of the city’s electrical distribution system to Kay Electric Cooperative for 10 years.  Proposition One passed 35 yes votes 0 no votes.  Proposition Two which granted Kay Electric non-exclusive rights to use streets, alleys and other public places and grounds in  Kaw City passed 36 to 0.