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Tonkawa City Manager Posts Bond Monday


Tonkawa City Manager Kirk Eugene Henderson, 61, made an appearance in the Kay County District Court on Monday for felony charges of conspiracy and fraud.


Also facing the same charges is former Blackwell City Manager Thomas Lynn Outhier, 67 of Tonkawa. Blackwell Mayor T.J. Greenfield, 42, is facing three felony charges of embezzlement, one count of fraud and one count of conspiracy.


Henderson appeared before Judge David Bandy on Monday along with his attorney Grace Yates from Ponca City. Bandy agreed to reduce Henderson’s bond from $5,000 to $1,000. Henderson was then ordered to report to the county jail, book in and post bond. Henderson’s next court appearance is scheduled for December 15.


Bandy also reduced Greenfield’s bond on August 24 from $25,000 to $500. The next court date for Greenfield is December 3.


According to Oklahoma District Court Records, a warrant remains issued for Outhier who has a bond endorsed at $5,000.