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Tonkawa Police Arrest Armed Felon After Standoff


At 11:42 p.m. on Friday night, Tonkawa Police Officers attempted to serve felony warrants on Clark Edward Martin, 32, of Tonkawa after police received information that he was within a residence within the 1000 block of N. 5th Street.

According to the Facebook post by TPD, surrounded the residence and knocked on the front door. Martin attempted to run to the back of the residence, a single-wide trailer, to hide. The residence was occupied by other family members and friends who informed police that Martin was armed with a firearm and it was alleged, from persons in the house, that Martin stated he “would die before he went back to jail.”

Police learned there may still be an adult female in the residence, with Martin, and attempted to make contact with him to prevent a “hostage situation.” The adult female was in the residence, with Martin, but was able to escape, early, during the standoff. Police learned that there was a pit bull [dog] also confined within the residence.

Tonkawa Police maintained a permitter around the house and evacuated neighbors, close to the residence, for their safety. Tonkawa Police repeatedly attempted to make contact with Martin, who was suspected to be barricaded in a back bedroom, of the residence. Martin never made any attempt to communicate back with police. Tonkawa Police deployed many tactics in an attempt to communicate with Martin and/or confirm where he was within the residence.

Deputies of the Kay County Sheriffs Office arrived to assist in a joint effort to bring a safe conclusion to this incident. After attempts to communicate with Martin, during the 3-hour standoff, were met with negative results, a tactical team successfully made entry into the residence. Martin was found by officers hiding in a back bedroom, armed with a disabled firearm. The tactical entry team safely apprehended Martin and took him into custody.
Martin was arrested, removed from the residence, and transported to the Kay County Detention Center for his felony warrants and pending additional charges (based on this incident) at 3:18 a.m. Saturday morning.

The dog was returned to the home owner. No injuries were reported. Images used belong to the Tonkawa Police Department.