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Tonkawa Police Chief defends work done on Police Car by arrested friend.


Residents in Tonkawa were confused and alarmed this week when a man, arrested for a violent crime the week before, was driving alone in a police vehicle. The police chief said he was just helping the man’s business.

Tonkawa police arrested Christopher Kesinger accused of strangling and slapping a person during an argument.  Tuesday, Kesinger was charged with domestic abuse.

Tonkawa Police Chief John Whitham hired Kesinger, a long-time acquaintance, to do some work on his car.

The Chief said that Kesinger said business had been down a little bit so I said, ‘Hey, I need some cars detailed,’

“He came and picked it up, and detailed it for me. It’s sitting outside. It looks like he did a really good job,” said Whitham.

The chief said if Kesinger was convicted, it would be a different story.

The chief said he removed everything from the vehicle first, including guns, handcuffs, and evidence kits.

Kesinger said he can’t understand what the big deal is.

The chief says it’s been blown out of proportion.

“That’s the kind of business he operates,” Whitham said. “I think people are just too easily offended in this day and age.”