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Truck Drivers Hauling Hemp In Pawhuska In January No Longer Face Charges


PAWHUSKA – Charges have been dropped against two men who were pulled over while driving a semi full of hemp/marijuana through Pawhuska back in January. Pawhuska Police arrested Tadesse Deneke and Farah Warsame for hauling what police believed was nine tons of marijuana, but attorneys for the men said it was legal hemp. They and two other men were arrested when Pawhuska Police Chief Rex Wickle said that officers pulled over the semi-truck because it didn’t stop at a stoplight in Pawhuska. Deneke and Warsame are no longer facing charges. However, the DA is continuing to pursue charges against Andrew Ross and David Dirksen, the two men who work for the Patriot Shield, the security detail escorting the load. Their preliminary hearing is set for August 7th.