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TSET Approves $20,000 Grant For Tonkawa Schools


The TSET Board of Directors have approved incentive grants for schools that have passed policies to help students learn healthy habits early and promote health for students, teachers and staff through the TSET Healthy Incentive Program.

Tonkawa Public Schools was awarded $20,000. TSET funds were awarded to 21 school districts and 2 school sites as a part of an effort to prevent and reduce the leading causes of death in Oklahoma – heart disease, stroke and cancer by preventing unhealthy behaviors before they take root.

Grants awarded to districts and schools that have implemented key strategies aimed at creating an environment that encourages students, faculty and staff to eat better, move more and be tobacco free. Districts and schools choose how grant funds will be used on projects that promote healthy behaviors or physical activity.

All public school districts that meet grant criteria are eligible to apply for a TSET Healthy Incentive Grant. School districts must successfully adopt health promoting policies before individual schools sites are eligible to apply.