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Two Stabbed in Big Brawl on West Broadway in Ponca


Police continue to sort out the details of a fight that was reported to involve up to ten subjects in the street at 221 West Broadway. Two suffered stab wounds. A 17 year old female was treated and released. A male, in his 20’s was admitted to the hospital. His injuries are not life threatening.

Police recovered a blade at the scene. A resident living in the 400 block or North Oak brought a blood covered knife to Police that he found in his yard this morning. Bricks, pieces of concrete and other items that may have been used as weapons in the brawl were recovered by Police.

The investigation continues. It appears that a resident of the West Broadway home went with friends to an apartment at the Timbers complex. A female subject at the apartment was intoxicated and wanting to fight. The group left a Timbers after a confrontation and returned to the West Broadway residence. Shortly after returning, the female from a Timbers arrived at the home on West Broadway. A small confrontation erupted into the much larger one spilling into the street where the stabbings and other assaults occurred.  Police took statements from several subjects all who have indicated that excessive amounts of alcohol had been consumed. Drug paraphernalia was also seized from the home.

The investigation is continuing.

Provided by Ponca City PD