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University Center CEO Adam Leaming resigning in June

Ponca City’s University Center announced on Facebook that after serving 8 years as UC CEO, Adam Leaming has announced his resignation effective June 30th, 2021 and has accepted a position with Ponca City Public Schools, pending PCPS board approval. The UC Board of Trustees will officially accept Leaming’s resignation in their June 3rd meeting in the UC board room. The UC board will also announce their steps and opening of the CEO position in the near future. A copy of Leaming’s letter can be read below.
“I want to share how eternally grateful I am for my time and experience with the University Center at Ponca City. In our eight-plus years, we have weathered the deepest cuts to state funding, waded through a global pandemic, while maintaining and creating new robust educational opportunities for our community and region.
When you gave me the opportunity to lead the University Center I was naïve about how impactful this period of time would be. I have had the privilege to serve as the Chamber of Commerce Chair, participate with a number of different nonprofits and civic club boards, participated in our local, area, and statewide Leadership programs, and now find myself chairing the Youth Leadership program of Oklahoma. I have treasured this board’s support to encourage the CEO to be involved in the community, region, and statewide organizations.
During these past eight years, I had the honor to be recognized in two statewide publications for outstanding leadership in the state of Oklahoma while being under 40 years old. These honors were directly correlated to my experience and the success of our University Center.
I am most proud of the opportunities we created at the University Center for our students to earn their education in Ponca City. This included creating the $100 scholarship program for concurrent enrollment students and breaking our annual fundraising records this year with over $70,000 raised towards student scholarships. In addition, our annual job/career fair we host with PCDA has become one of the largest hiring events in our region for each of the last four years. We launched a highly successful BSN program, grew our counseling and psychology program, and watched as several 100 students graduated with advanced degrees over the years.
While the support from state funding has decreased, we always found a way to take care of our students and ensure our services were provided to help remove barriers to a college education. I am beyond blessed to have had the opportunity to work with each of my past board chairs and each of the men and women who were selected by our past and current Governor to provide oversight of the University Center. Each of you has left an indelible mark on me while providing me with support, guidance, and feedback.
It’s with an eye to the future, that I want to inform you I have accepted an offer with Ponca City Public Schools, pending their board approval effective July 1st and offer this letter as my official resignation. In the meantime, I plan to assist the board and the current UC staff with quick and efficient planning and transition. I have plans to meet with Rich the incoming UC board chair to help plan out a timeline for the future. I will truly miss my coworkers and their shared passion for our students and I will miss this beautiful facility that has been my second home for the past 8.5 years.
Thank you for taking a chance on me in 2013. I will always be a UC supporter and will continue to assist with anything in my power in the future.”