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Volunteers for Tonkawa Parks and Recreation Board Needed


Tonkawa urgently needs volunteers to serve on the City’s Parks and Recreation Board. The Board is tasked with making recommendations to the City Council for planning, maintenance needs, operations, and use of the City’s Parks. The Board also assists the Council in its overall coordination of Park programs, to inform and instruct the public on matters involving the city parks, and to promote the use of the parks both by individual initiative and recreational programs.


The Tonkawa Aquatic Center that is currently under construction at Blinn Park will be one of the first major priorities of the Board. Plans for the operation and maintenance of the Aquatic Center need to be developed, with significant input from Tonkawa’s citizens. Operational plans to be developed include hours and dates of operation, fitness programs, and fees.


The Board will also be tasked to develop long range plans for the upgrade and maintenance of Tonkawa’s other Parks and Recreational areas including Blinn Park, Ray See Park, Family Park, Skate Park, the Disk Golf area, and the maintenance and coordination of the Baseball and Softball fields in Blinn Park.


The Board will also work with Tonkawa Youth Sports to assist their effort in providing recreational opportunities for both our young people as well as Baseball and Softball sporting events that showcase our fantastic town to visiting sports teams.


Individuals that have ideas and a passion for improving Tonkawa are encouraged to volunteer for the Board. Being a member of the Parks and Recreation Board is one of the best ways that an individual can have an immediate and direct impact on Tonkawa’s quality of life. It also provides Board members “on the job training” on city operations that can be used to develop the skills necessary to become the next generation of community leaders that Tonkawa will need as we move further into the 21st Century.


Please consider volunteering for the Parks and Recreation Board. You can submit your name by calling the City at 580-628-2508, or Mayor Ken Smith at 580-716-0046.