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Walk out will be decided today.


Will they or won’t they walk out on Monday?

That’s the question Oklahoma educators are faced with after Gov. Mary Fallin signed bills into law yesterday that will give teachers at least a 15-percent raise next school year.

Districts including Tulsa and Oklahoma City Public Schools announced Thursday they will be closed for the statewide teacher walkout.

The Oklahoma Education Association, the state’s largest education union, is demanding more and encouraging teachers to walkout and rally at the Capitol on Monday after the lodging tax – which was estimated to generate $50.4 million annually – was repealed a day after being passed because of last minute efforts by the hospitality industry.

OEA President Alicia Priest said. “Stunts like these are why Oklahomans lack any trust or confidence in the state legislature.”

Ponca City Superintendent Shelley Arrott said “It is desperate that we fill this hole. This funding is the critical issue. Speaking of the repealed hotel motel tax.

In Ponca City, the OEA said any decision on a  walkout will be determined by teachers, not school administration.

ACT President Zack Murray, a Ponca City school teacher,  said a decision will be made Friday, March 30, on what will happen in Ponca City.