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Washington Pre-K Students Donate Canned Foods To Needed Families


It’s the season of giving. And that is exactly what the students at Washington Pre-K did as they brought cans of food to share with families in need this season. The students were proud of how many cans they brought. Below is a list of the names of the students in the cover photo from left to right.





Front row: Kree Arnold, Ashlyn Olvera, Allison Matthews, Zoey Oswalt, Holden Hobson, Addison Jackson, Seth Greenhagen, Zytaveon Wilson, Maddox Choate, Avery Hoch and Marley Smith.

Back row: Blake Allison, Paisley McClaskey, Jaxon Fisher, Logan Shimonek, Jayson Scott, Tinley Bodenstein, Dalton Youker and Jayda Magers.