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Wentz Pool, AMBUC Pool And RecPlex Pool Closed Through July 14 due to a COVID-19 exposure


Wentz Pool, AMBUC Pool, and the Rec Plex Pool will be closed Wednesday, July 1 through Tuesday, July 14, in order to ensure the safety of citizens and employees due to a COVID-19 exposure.

According to guidelines from the Oklahoma State Department of Health, if someone was a “CLOSE CONTACT” of someone with COVID-19:

  • You should quarantine (stay home, monitor for symptoms) for 14 days AFTER LAST EXPOSURE.  This is based on the time it takes to develop illness.
  • Close contact means within 6 feet of the individual for at least 15 minutes.
  • Contact your county health department if you begin to experience symptoms.

For more information, please contact Craig Stephenson, City Manager, at 580.767.0339.