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SEVERE STORMS: Weather Alerts





Alrighty, everyone. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, there was additional data to be obtained that could impact today’s forecast. As that is starting to trickle in, we find ourselves firmly within an upgraded high-risk zone. This post isn’t to panic anyone, but to just help get you information to be better prepared.
Now, let’s address what that means for us. We’re facing the potential for two rounds of dangerous storms. The first could be around mid-afternoon, followed by another round late this evening into the overnight hours. While a CAP will be present, this will slowly diminish over the day and storm initiation will have plenty of ingredients for storm cells to explode along and ahead of the dry-line with eastward movement. The environment is going to be rich and favorable for large destructive hail, damaging winds, and large, long-track tornadoes.
NWS Warnings issued today should be taken very seriously. While it’s tempting for a lot of us to go outside looking around when a Tornado Warning is issued, today is not one of those days. This morning would be a good time to ensure your phone Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA) settings are activated, confirm your weather radios have fresh batteries, inspect storm shelters, and discuss shelter plans with your family if you haven’t done so in a while. Now would also be a good time to consider these conditions if you have any outdoor activities planned this evening or tonight.
We’ll be closely monitoring conditions with our partners at the OUN NWS office, the Storm Prediction Center, and post any significant updates.




UPDATED 1045am – we just did a briefing for close to 400 of our emergency management and television partners. 

– DO NOT FOCUS ON THE RISK CATEGORIES! It does not matter what category, color or number area you are in today. EVERY storm will be equally capable of producing dangerous tornadoes and destructive hail. 

– Many (most?) people will NOT see any storms at all! We are only expecting a small number of storms. We could have 2-3, we could have 10. The thing to remember is if you see a storm near you, assume it’s a dangerous storm. 

– We have not experienced a day like this in quite some time. We expect storms to become supercells quickly after they form, and they should remain supercells through the event. We do not expect them to form into a squall line or cluster. 

– The potential for tornadoes will INCREASE after dark, so do not let your guard down. Wind shear – which is already plenty for tornadoes this afternoon – will only become more favorable after dark. This is important!

– Clouds will NOT prevent storms from forming today or lessen their severity.

– The cap (a layer of warm air above the surface) will NOT prevent storms from forming today.

– The timing graphic has our best analysis of when we think severe storms are most likely in your area. Please use this as a tool to help you make decisions about closings, cancellations, etc. Call us if you need more specific guidance. REMEMBER – many locations won’t see a storm, but if you do, it will be bad.

IMPORTANT! please check the weather before you get in your vehicle this afternoon to leave work or school. If there are storms nearby, consider delaying your trip!


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