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Severe weather facts for storm season


During severe weather adequate shelter could save your life. Ponca City does not have public storm shelters. It is your responsibility to select a shelter location. Do it now. Here are some facts to keep in mind.

*A personal shelter installed at your home must meet construction requirements from FEMA documents 320, 360 and/or ICT500. It is recommended that you look for installation companies approved by NSSA or ATSA.

*A basement provides good shelter but crouching under a heavy furniture or stairway will increase your safety.

*Always cover yourself with blankets, pillows or a mattress for added protection. A helmet is also recommended.

*Above-ground saferooms are also a good choice. Keep in mind the mobility of the people who will use it.

*If you are in a mobile home, find shelter elsewhere.

*Do not try to outrun a tornado in your car.

*If outside, find shelter or lie flat in a ditch protecting your head and neck.

*Never take shelter under a bridge or underpass.