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Technology in the Cowley Criminal Justice Program


Technology has become an indispensable tool in modern society, affecting every aspect of our lives, including our justice system. Law enforcement agencies are harnessing new technology to enhance crime prevention, detection, and apprehension. While Cowley College is maintaining its position on the forefront of up to date systems and training.

Technological advancements like Surveillance cameras, GPS tracking systems, and automated license plate readers enable real-time monitoring of public spaces, aiding in identifying suspects and preventing crimes. Additionally, forensic technologies such as DNA analysis, fingerprint recognition, and ballistics testing have revolutionized the process of evidence collection and analysis, leading to more accurate investigations and convictions.

With a new generation of information technologies revolutionizing criminal investigations, Law enforcement agencies are utilizing sophisticated software and databases to manage vast amounts of data, ranging from criminal records to surveillance footage. Algorithms are helping to identify patterns and predict future criminal behavior, allowing authorities to allocate resources effectively and prevent crimes before they occur. Moreover, social media platforms are valuable tools for gathering intelligence and tracking suspects, facilitating collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies across jurisdictions.

Cowley College’s Criminal Justice program has dedicated itself to staying up to date with these laws and technologies. Among the methods used to maintain Cowley’s position on cutting edge education are routine meetings with advisory boards, having an instructor who is currently serving in law enforcement, and having a requirement that all criminal justice instructors have a minimum of 10 years experience in the field. Frank Owens, Director of Criminal Justice, shared, “This allows us to receive all the legal updates and see the new emerging tech that is pertinent to what students in this area need and, we can bring that back to the classroom”.

Owens said, “With the completion of the new Tyler Tech building we will be making some changes and additions. Probably the biggest or most notable is an upgraded simulator coming at the end of June. The new simulator room is larger, allowing for a 180-degree system that will increase the student’s need to work on situational awareness as there will be activity on both sides of them, not just in the front of the room. We have also recently added a Taser 10 to our list of credentials, the newest model that most agencies have yet to upgrade to. This taser has twice the range and 5X the number of shots per cartridge. We will also add a new course in the Fall called Special Operations in Criminal Justice. The class instructors will be members of the regional SWAT team and include units on drones, SWAT tactics, their robot deployment, Tactical medical, and K9”.

Technology has become a revolutionary and integral component of the modern criminal justice system. For more on the Cowley Criminal Justice program, see the Criminal Justice Program Page.

by: Hunter Ferguson