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Tonkawa Police currently hiring Part-Time Dispatchers


The Tonkawa Police Department is currently hiring Part-Time Dispatchers. The dual-role of dispatcher, at the Tonkawa Police Department, serves as a Communications Officer and a Detention Officer (Jailer). As a Communications Officer/Dispatcher, the selected candidate’s main responsibility will be to facilitate communication between citizens and multiple emergency agencies. The Tonkawa Police/Fire E-911 Communications Center dispatches for approximately six departments. As a Detention Officer/Jailer, the selected candidate will monitor and oversee daily activities at the Tonkawa Jail and its inmates, therein.

The selected candidate will receive training and work in a fast-paced environment. The dispatcher must be able to multi-task and will be challenged to continually learn and develop their skills. Individuals applying must be self-motivated, require minimal supervision, and promote high standards or integrity & professionalism. State and National Certifications will be provided and (for some) mandated while employed. Pay will be discussed, based on experience, upon interview.



• Must have a high school diploma or GED.

• Must pass a comprehensive criminal background check.

• Must have no felony convictions, nor domestic assault & battery charges.

• Must have no DUI/DUID/APC.

• Must not be a party to an active Protective Order.

• Must have a valid Oklahoma Driver License with a good driving record.

• Must be willing to work any shift (weekends, days, nights, holidays, etc.).

• Must have excellent communication skills.

• Must be able to multi-task and perform multiple tasks under pressure.

• Must have exceptional telephone etiquette.

• Must have highly principled ethics and moral character.

• Must pass the OLETS Full-Access Certification Test and achieve certification prior
to or shortly after hire.

• Must successfully complete a 6 to 8 week Dispatcher In-Service Training Program.



• Monitor Communications Center telephones and answer all
incoming calls and establish nature of call, gather all necessary
information to transmit or relay to appropriate agency.

• Dispatch for emergency responses, contact all required personnel and
other local concerns in the event of an emergency situation and ensure
the presence of reserve units by contacting personnel designated for

• Maintain Dispatch (Phone/Radio/Call) Log on communications, location of
personnel and equipment needed/used.

• Operate radios as needed to assist in radio communications.

• Compose, type, and edit correspondence, reports, memorandum, and
other material requiring judgement as to content, accuracy, and

• Answer (Emergency) E-911 Calls.

• Answer Multi-Line Telephones.

• Dispatch and keep track of multiple members of personnel, as well as personnel
from other agencies.

• Dispatch Fire and Ambulance when needed.

• Take information for Active and Non-Active Crimes.

• Real Time Data Entry.

• Input and maintain all Agency-Related NCIC Records.

• Various filing and clerical duties.

• The above-mentioned can happen one-at-a-time or, sometimes, several-at-a-time!

• Feed, Facilitate Medical & Hygiene Needs, Document & Monitor jailed inmates
within the Tonkawa Jail facility.



• Ability to multi-task and prioritize and possess good organizational skills.

• Ability to maintain emotional control, under pressure, and work effectively during
emergencies, crisis situations, or extremely stressful conditions in potentially fast-
paced incidents.

• Good verbal communication.

• Good typing ability (at least 45 wpm).

• Be able to understand and work in a chain-of-command environment.

• Experience with Data Entry, Microsoft Software Suite, Records Management
Systems, and CAD Systems
is preferred but not required

• Ability to learn, understand, and practically apply

• Must pass the OLETS Full-Access Certification Test and achieve certification prior
to or shortly after hire.

• Must successfully complete a 6 to 8 week Dispatcher In-Service Training Program.


All interested candidates may retrieve applications at:

Tonkawa Police Department

110 East NOC Drive

Tonkawa, OK 74653

For further inquiries, contact: (580) 628-2516