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Over 20 Charges Filed Against Crime Spree Suspect


Sherry Bowers

A call from a resident in the 2600 block of Bluestem on Monday morning just before 8am reporting a man attempting to enter the front door of his home tied a crime spree together and netted the arrest of 24 year old Demetri Jerome Cassady (pictured)

Reports of vehicles being ransacked and burglarized began coming into the Communications Center of the Ponca City Police Department before 6am and continued all morning.  The vehicles were all parked in the northeast part of Ponca City on North Woodlands, East Hartford, Homestead, Donner,   Place, Woodthrush, Cedar Lane, and Bluestem.   Items stolen and recovered were a .45 caliber loaded pistol, a loaded 9mm handgun, loose change and cash, a portable DVD player, an IPod, prescription medication, Oakley brand sunglasses, a taser, a navigation system, and automatic garage door opener. Other miscellaneous items have been recovered and believed to be stolen, but no owners have identified them.

An occupied home on Donner Place was entered over-night.  Items were taken from the vehicle in the drive and food was taken off of the kitchen counter.

When Police confronted Cassady in the back yard of the home in the 2600 block of Bluestem, he had the loaded firearms in the pockets of the jacket he was wearing.  Police located a black bag filled with items reported stolen.  Cassady had medication in a toothpick container that had not been prescribed to him.

Cassady was placed in the back seat of a patrol car and transported to the Police Department.  He kicked and broke in half the interior door panel of the patrol car and displaced the weather stripping causing over $700 in damages.

Police secured a search warrant for the pickup that Cassady had driven and parked the night before in the lot of Northeast Baptist Church on Pecan.  It was later released to a relative.

Cassady was transported to the Kay County Detention Facility early this afternoon.  Although the investigation is continuing, current charges include:  first degree burglary, attempted second degree burglary, 8 counts of thefts from vehicles, 7 counts of being in possession of stolen property, 2 counts of being in possession of a firearm after former conviction, 2 counts of possession of a firearm while in the commission of a felony, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, public intoxication and a felony count of destruction of public property.