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FOLLOWING-Allegations Of Abuse At A Juvenile Detention Center


From Staff Reports

The Osage County Detention Center is being investigated.

Reports of mistreatment have made some area television newscasts.

Up to six residents of the facility were removed recently and placed in other state centers after a reported confrontation between an inmate and a guard.

The inmates were moved after officials at the center sent a request to the state office of juvenile affairs. That office and the facility is reportedly conducting a joint investigation.

Government websites show the facility is located at the Osage County Jail. The county jail does NOT operate it, however. Operations are supervised by Youth Services Of Osage County. The Ponca Post was told by a staff member at the operation that the director is Scott Bighorse.

Amber Gonzales is the mother of the juvenile who was involved in the altercation. She reached out to WBBZ news and the Ponca Post, and provided several points of reference.

Gonzales claims the guard involved in the altercation was terminated. She also says that a group is planning a peaceful protest, and that permits have been filed.

The Ponca Post is attempting further contact with Youth Services Of Osage County.

We’ll have more on this developing story as it happens.