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DPS to receive $1.9 million from state budget surplus


From A News Release

(OKLAHOMA CITY) The Department of Public Safety has announced that the agency will receive a $1.9 million allocation from the state budget surplus.

The news came after DPS officials met with representatives from the Oklahoma Senate and House of Representatives, along with fiscal staff from the Office of Management and Enterprise Services.

DPS Commissioner Michael Thompson expressed appreciation to the Governor’s Office,   Senate members and the House members for the decision to return the much-needed funds to DPS.

“I am very happy to get the 1.9 million dollars returned to DPS,” Thompson said. “We will use every dollar to apply towards our budget deficit and limit the need for adverse personnel actions.  I am very encouraged by the meetings so far with the Governor’s Office, Senate members and House members to find a positive solution for the remaining budget shortfall.  I am confident we can find a solution to avoid furloughs.”