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Some Key Election Points:

Local voter turnout was considered quite heavy within Kay County in yesterday’s election.

Some polling places reported an average of as many as 100 voters an hour.

Complete election results from the county can be found here at poncapost.com, but here are some key issues:

The Alcohol Modernization question passed. State Question 792 will allow grocery and convenience stores to sell high-point beer and wine. Currently, Oklahomans have to buy those items at liquor stores.

State Question 779 failed. The Penny Sales Tax proposed a 1 percent increase to state sales taxes to generate revenue for education funding. The sales tax would have brought in a projected $615 million per year, and teachers would have received a $5,000 pay raise. The tax increase would have made Oklahoma’s sales tax rates the highest in the nation.

Also failing was State Question 777. The Right to Farm bill would have established a constitutional right for farmers and ranchers to engage in farming and ranching practices.

Again, find complete Kay County Election results at poncapost.com.