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Oklahoma, Korea Reach License Agrement


Today, officials from the state of Oklahoma and the Republic of Korea will be signing a reciprocal driver license agreement, allowing non-commercial licensed drivers from Oklahoma and the Republic of Korea to obtain a license in each other’s territory without having to take road or written tests. This agreement will create greater convenience for citizens of Korea who are working and studying in Oklahoma, as well as those who visit the state for academic exchanges. The same would apply for Oklahoma residents who work or study in Korea.

Under the agreement, Korean citizens who live in Oklahoma with permanent residency rights or non-immigrant visas will be exempt from the road and written tests when they apply for a license.

DPS Commissioner Michael C. Thompson said, “DPS looks forward to assisting in this worthwhile endeavor, and we are looking forward to a productive relationship that will be mutually beneficial for drivers.”

Oklahoma currently has reciprocal agreements with three other countries: France, Germany and Taiwan.