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Underage Alcohol Purchases Observed


Ponca City Police Officers working with students from Stillwater made a number of underage beer and alcohol buys at local businesses Friday evening. This effort is part of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health’s initiative targeting underage alcohol use 2M2L Too Much To Lose.

Those businesses that did not sell to underage persons were: On Cue located at 3305 North 14th, Old West Liquor, Wal-Mart, Oscar and Essie’s, Valero at Union and Hartford, Conoco at 14th and Hartford, all three Dollar General locations, Walgreens, On Cue at Waverly and South Avenue, Citgo Short Stop 2nd and Highland, Citgo Short Stop at Oak and Grand, Lamp Post Liquor, Stop N Go at Union and Prospect, Triple T Quick Stop at 425 South 14th, Stop N Go at 801 South 14th , and Highland Spirits.

Underage beer purchases were made at the following business on Friday evening: Stop N Go at Elm and Highland, Valero Express at 2500 East Lake Road, Food Pyramid at 2005 North 14th, Ponca City Discount Foods, Food Pyramid at 904 South 4th, and Valero Short Stop at 400 East South Avenue. The clerks were written citations to appear in Municipal Court for providing or selling low point beer to a person under the age of 21.

Officers obtained information from the clerks that sold liquor to a person under 21 years of age Plaza Wine and Spirits and the Bottle Shop at 820 South 14th Street. This information will be submitted to the District Attorney’s Office in the form of a warrant request.

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and substance abuse services program 2M2L targets communities throughout the state, the 2 Much 2 Lose (2M2L) project aims to decrease underage drinking and related social problems, decrease youth access to alcohol through retail and social sources, increase community-level support for environmental change, and increase youth-driven prevention activities. The project’s comprehensive plan includes law enforcement training and technical assistance, community mobilization, strategic partnership development, youth leadership development, alcohol retailer training, interagency collaboration, and media advocacy.