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Updated-Manhunt Continues For Vance


From Staff Reports

The manhunt continues for an accused killer.

Oklahoma County investigators says the aunt and uncle of a man wanted in the shooting of two police officers suffered severe knife wounds to their necks consistent with someone attempting to sever their heads.

An Oklahoma County judge on Monday issued an arrest warrant for 38-year-old Michael Vance for two counts of first-degree murder in the slayings of 55-year-old Ronald Everett Wilkson and 54-year-old Valerie Kay Wilkson.

Oklahoma County Deputy Michael Belanger wrote in an affidavit that Ronald Wilkson was shot once and suffered knife wounds “consistent with an attempt to sever his head.”

The affidavit says Valerie Wilkson had similar knife wounds to her neck as well as several defensive wounds on her arms.

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Opgrande says investigators believe videos may have been posted Sunday night by Vance after the shootout with police.

In one video, a man in a shirt that appears to be covered in blood says he’s about to steal a vehicle and it’s “gonna be intense.”

In a second video, the same man shows a long gun on the passenger seat of what appears to be another vehicle and says: “Letting y’all know, look, this is real.”