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UPDATED-More on the search for Michael Vance:

An Oklahoma police officer says he engaged in a “firefight” Sunday with a man later accused in the killing of two relatives and several carjackings.

Wellston Police Officer Jim Hampton is one of two officers who were wounded in the encounter with Michael Vance, who remains on the run. Hampton said he shot Vance twice as they responded to a shots fired call in their area, about 35 miles northeast of Oklahoma City.

Hampton says that at one point, he and Vance were facing each other and shooting. Hampton was shot in the foot but has been released from the hospital. A second officer was shot and is also expected to recover.

Hampton says he hopes Vance is apprehended soon, adding: “It’s not safe out there until he’s caught.”

Oklahoma County sheriff John Whetsel says Vance had a hit list targeting several more people.

Authorities are “extremely concerned about those he may have indicated that he wishes harm to”.

They note that the list was mostly people from outside of the county.

Authorities say the 38-year-old Vance posted live videos to social media during a violent rampage on Sunday that included the shooting of two police officers, armed car thefts and the killing of two relatives.

Whetsel also said that law enforcement is providing protection for the people on the alleged hit list.

The FBI is coordinating the search for Vance, who was last seen in western Oklahoma.