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Watch Out For Scam Artists


Sherry Bowers

A local resident called the Police Department this morning advising of a scam telephone call she had just received.  Luckily, she recognized this grant opportunity as too good to be true and did not reveal her credit card numbers or personal information and lost nothing.  She wanted to warn other residents.

The caller identified themselves as being a representative with Premier Grants working with Biz World Services.   The caller asked the resident for current outstanding credit card balances and the credit card limits on her credit cards.   After the caller received that information, the resident was told that she qualified for a grant and then asks for credit card number(s).  The caller tells the resident that she’d be charged a monthly fee until the grant is funded.  The caller explained it takes two or three months for the process.

Since the scam offers a “grant” it leaves the recipient of the call to believe that the funds don’t have to be repaid.  With the scammer having the credit card information it opens up all kinds of charges to be added to the account.